Prayagraj violence: Number of people mentioned in FIRs goes up to 5500

“The total number of protesters who set fire to the violence and fire in the Atala area of ​​Prayagraj on Friday, including 95 named in the three FIRs and about 5400 unnamed persons, has increased from 1000 to 5500,” said Pragagraj Senior Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar. Saturday.

The SSP said 68 persons, including Kala Danda Kabristan Committee Chairman Javed Mohammed aka Javed Pump, have been arrested so far in connection with Friday’s violence.

On Saturday, the old urban areas of Atala were converted into a fortress with heavy security, but rapid operational force and provincial armed constabulary (PAC) personnel were deployed in Roshanbag, Khudabad, Akbarpur and Kareli region and adjoining areas. On Saturday morning, police officers held a flag parade in densely populated areas and lanes, appealing to the people to maintain peace. Following clear warnings by police and administration officials about the illicit assets of the targeted rioters following Friday’s violent protests, Prayagaraj Development Authority (PDA) teams began to identify illegal constructions and encroachments in Atala and nearby areas.

Police have increased the total number of violent and violent protesters who set fire to a fire in the Atala area of ​​Prayagaraj on Saturday in three FIRs registered at the Khuldabad and Kareli police stations in the district. Event. The three FIRs have been filed under 29 different sections of the IPC, including charges of rioting, arson, violation of section 144, obstruction of government work, assault on police personnel and damage to government and public property.

The district has already issued prohibitions under Section 144 which prevents any large gatherings in the area before Friday’s prayer and is still in effect.

SSP said Javed Mohammad aka Javed Pump has been arrested for inciting violence. Javed’s mobile phone has been scanned and he has spread messages for the bandh across the country and urged the youths to reach Atala in protest, he said. “Some deleted messages and mobile numbers are also being retrieved from his phone. Javed’s daughter is a JNU student and her father was being advised of her role in the incident, she said.

The mobile phones of other confiscated persons are also being scanned and messages are being seen in WhatsApp groups urging others to reach Atala. He said that the performance of the protesters indicates that minors and teenagers have been put at the forefront of Saturday’s stone throwing.

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