Pratibha Singh seeks special package for Himachal

State Congress president and Mandi MP Pratibha Singh on Monday demanded a special package for Himachal Pradesh, saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not fulfilled his promises and promises to the people of the state during his eight-year tenure.

While interacting with the media at Rajiv Bhavan, state Congress headquarters, Pratibha said that when the PM visits any state, he declares something for that particular state but he has forgotten to give any special help to Himachal, which he calls his second state. Home.

Responding to a question on Prime Minister’s visit to Shimla, Pratibha said the Congress would welcome him but oppose the tactics of “avoiding” the people of the state.

He said that the Center cannot tolerate persistent bias about the state.

The Prime Minister should announce a special package during his visit, keeping an eye on the economy of Himachal Pradesh, which is totally under the BJP regime. Himachal Pradesh is almost in debt 70,000 crore and received no help from the Center, he said.

Commenting on the appointment of the constable, Pratibha said investigations into the case are slow and the government seems to be lining up in the name of the investigation.

He said the government should expedite the investigation and arrest the real accused.

Pratibha said that the youth congress across the state was involved in the paper leakage case and the movement would continue till justice is found.

He said that the central excise duty on petrol and diesel was inadequately cut and that the government had filled its coffers by imposing taxes on petrol and diesel in the past.

“Now, BJP leaders are presenting inconsistent cuts 8 and On petrol and diesel, respectively, the government has made a big contribution to the people, he said.

He said rising inflation and unemployment in the country have completely disrupted the lives of ordinary people.

Sukhoo joined the Youth Congress protest

Congress campaign committee chief and Nadaun lawmaker Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu joined the protests in front of the Shimla DC office on Monday in support of young Congress activists who are chasing a paper fast.

Speaking on the occasion, Sukhu said the government is fasting for justice for unemployed youths.

The SIT investigation into the case revolved around the candidates, who alleged that the government had not taken any action against the officials responsible for the investigation.

Sukhu alleged that the government had handed over the probe to the CBI for the sake of formality, and Congress demanded that the investigative report be tabled in the Assembly within 90 days.

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