Postal official placed IPL bets with ₹1 crore deposited by 20 customers, caught

Bhopal / Sagar: A Madhya Pradesh Postal Department official has been arrested on charges of gambling money paid by customers for fixed deposit accounts, police said on Wednesday.

When some customers turned up at the post office to withdraw the money, they began investigating Sub-Postmaster Vishal Ahirwar but were told there was no record of their deposits, police said. As the news spread, other customers inquired about the deposit.

So far, the police have received 20 complaints about the value of the deposit 1 crore. Ahirwar was arrested on May 20 and has been remanded to police custody until May 26. He is charged with fraud and breach of criminal trust.

Sub Postmaster Vishal Ahirwar, posted at Bajaria Post Office in Bina town in the Sagar district, said: “A few days ago, nine customers contacted the post office to withdraw money from the time deposit but they could not find their record. He showed his passbook to the cashier and told him that he had not deposited any money in his name.

When Ahirwar could not explain the difference, the customer contacted the police. At the hearing, Dhurve said police found Ahirwar had used the money to bet on Indian Premier League (IPL) matches.

Ahirwar told police he intends to return the money after winning. But he was losing money.

Dhurvey said more people from mostly rural areas are expected to come forward to complain.

When police checked with the postal department, it was learned that Ahirwar was facing a charge of embezzling government money when he posted it at the Khimlasa post office. But the trial was given a clean chit.

Sub postmaster Vishal Ahirwar has been appointed to the post office of Bajaria in Bina town in the district and has robbed at least 20 people in the last two years.

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