Post-SC vaccine order, UT may review move on unvaccinated kids

With the Supreme Court declaring on Monday that ‘vaccination cannot be imposed on an individual’, the Chandigarh administration may now reconsider its orders to restrict unvaccinated children from attending physical classes from May 4.

On Monday, the Supreme Court noted that no individual in the country can be compelled to be vaccinated and that requirements imposed by state governments and organizations that restrict unvaccinated people’s access to public places “are not proportionate and should be called upon in the circumstances currently prevailing.”
In Chandigarh, unvaccinated children will be banned from attending physical classes from May 4.

In response to the Supreme Court’s orders, UT Chancellor Dharam Pal said, “We will examine and enforce the Supreme Court’s orders.”

A senior officer stated that “in the orders, they just advised the students to get vaccinated and did not enforce it.” Moreover, the counseling is also for the safety of the students. “We can prevent the third wave because we have been vaccinated,” the officer said.

On Sunday, at a review meeting, the department said guidance for unvaccinated children not to be allowed to attend physical classes is being strictly followed. The audit meeting was held by Counsellor Dharam Pal.

What is stated in the UT . commands

“To protect unvaccinated children from potential COVID-19 infection during the increasing trend, the Department of Education should strictly follow the decision to restrict unvaccinated students in the 12-18 age group from attending classes in physical mode as of May 4, 2022. However, Unvaccinated students are allowed to attend exams/practically in physical setting, with COVID-appropriate behavior,” it was identified.

May 15: The goal is to vaccinate 100% of children

The Chandigarh administration set a target on 15 May to have 100 per cent immunization of children in the age group of 12-18 years.
Students who were vaccinated in the 12 to 14 year old age group still fell short. About the CorBEvax vaccination for children, which ranges from 12 to 14 years old, is a target population of 45,000 and so far only 53 percent of children have been vaccinated with the first dose, and that includes only 07.50 percent of those who took the second dose, the department said.

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