Police were mute spectators’: AAP councillors locked up in school, party workers assaulted in Surat

The last day of Shala Pravchutsav witnessed wild scenes at a municipal school in Surat where about 50 youths assaulted local leaders and advisers of the Adamic Public Party in the presence of the police on Saturday.

While two AAP leaders were beaten, four council members were detained at the school and three leaders’ cars were damaged in the clash at Municipal School No. 252-343 at Ramnagar Vasahat in Kapodara District. One of the injured council members was admitted to Smymer Hospital.

Incidentally, Varachha BJP MLA Kishor Kanani was the main guest of the event held on Saturday afternoon.

Four of the councilors – Dharmendra Vavalia, Ganshyam Makwana, Tegalpin Mavalia and Kundanbin Kothia – were at the school to lodge protests with the Moroccan Liberation Army to fill the shortage of teachers in municipal schools and smugglers selling liquor nearby.

Our consultants went to perform for BJP MLA Kishore Kinani during the Pravchutsav Shala event and were locked inside a school room. The policemen on site did not take any action against the youths who were turning violent towards the AAP leaders. We are suspicious of the role of Surat police as they remained silent spectators when the attack happened. Dharmesh Bhandiri, opposition leader of the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) told the Indian Express, “Currently, we are registering a complaint on the incident to identify those based on video footage captured on mobile phones.”

Allegedly, council members were roughed up by al-Kinani supporters on campus when they raised these issues. The police, who were on the scene, separated them and took all four advisers to another room.

Meanwhile, Bhandiri and other leaders of the AAP have arrived at the scene after receiving calls from council members. Bhanderi and the leaders were greeted by more than 50 people outside the school campus who smashed the windshields of two cars and smashed another. The youths also beat two leaders of the association inside the cars and tore their clothes.

Later, the police dispersed the crowds gathered outside the school. All four AAP board members were escorted from the school building by Bhanderi and other leaders.

On the other hand, MLA Kanani alleged that Kothiya used offensive language while introducing the acting. “We told her to keep quiet and asked her to use decent language. As far as the issue of liquor dens near the school, the AAP leaders should file a complaint with the police. The AAP also has members of the Surat Municipal School Board. Why aren’t they making representations there?” he said. Kanani.

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