Police seek public’s help in search for NYC subway shooter

Police searching for an unidentified man who shot and killed another passenger on a moving subway in New York City asked for public help on Monday.

“We need all eyes on this,” NYPD Commissioner Kishant Sewell wrote in a tweet. Two CCTV photos of the unknown suspect, a burly man in a hooded jacket on a hot day, were released.

The shooter escaped after the Q train arrived at Manhattan’s Canal Street station late Sunday morning. He shot and killed 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez, of Brooklyn, who was reportedly on his way to lunch.

Enriquez has worked in Goldman Sachs’ global investment research division since 2013. Goldman President and CEO David Solomon said Enriquez was a loyal and likeable employee and that the company was wrecked. In a prepared statement, Solomon said Enriquez “embodied our culture of cooperation and excellence.”

Mayor Eric Adams said Monday that investigators had few leads and described the shooting as “unimaginable.”

“You sit down, you go to lunch, you go to visit a family member, and someone comes up to you and shoots you for no reason,” Adams said. “This is my worst nightmare.”

He said there were no police officers in the railroad car where the shooting took place, and the city would assess how to deploy the officers across the sprawling subway system.

Witnesses told police that the gunman walked into the last car on the train, “and, without provocation, pulled out a gun and shot the victim at close range,” NYPD Chief Kenneth Corrie told reporters Sunday.

The shooting came more than a month after a man opened fire inside a Brooklyn subway, spreading random shots that injured 10 people. The person accused in that attack, Frank James, posted dozens of ranting videos online about race, violence, and his struggles with mental illness.

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