Police looking into minor boy’s provocative slogans at Kerala PFI rally

Kerala State Police on Monday registered a case regarding highly provocative slogans made by a young boy during a rally of the right-wing Popular Front of India (PFI).

The Jamaat-e-Islami organized a mass rally in Alappuzha as part of its “Save the Republic” campaign on May 21. A video clip, which went viral on social media, showed the boy sitting on someone else’s shoulders, sparking provocative slogans that appeared to contain hatred of other religions. Others around the boy at the rally were heard chanting slogans.

In the slogans, the boy was heard urging people to keep rice and puffed rice (usually used during Hindu cremations) ready in their homes. He also urged the provision of incense (used by Christians during funerals) in homes. The boy continued, “Here comes Kalan (the personification of death). If you live kindly… you can live here. Otherwise… we know Azadi.”

On Monday, after the video sparked a protest from various quarters, pro-PFI social media groups posted a photo of the boy, praising him as a brave person.

Alappuzha police said the case was registered based on a complaint by Bharatiya lawyer Vijayakumar Abhipashaka Parishad. The case was registered under various sections including 153-A (Indulging in abusive defamation or assault on religion..) of the IPC. The FIR has listed PFI area commanders Vandanam Nawas, Mujib and others as the alleged defendants.

While CPI has yet to respond to the incident, Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC) blamed the government for leniency with extremist elements to protect the voting bank.

The congresswoman and opposition leader, F. It appeases majority fundamentalism as well as minority fundamentalism. Kerala is now facing the fallout from that policy known as social engineering. Those who worked behind the slogans raised by the boy should be brought to the book.”

Bharatiya Janata state chief K. Surendran said the Vijayan government had left the extremists looking forward to their votes in the Thrikakara by-election. Slogans call for genocide. What happened in Kashmir in the past is repeated in Kerala. The Azadi mantra that was heard in Alappuzha indicates this,” he said.

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KCBC spokesman Father Jacob Balakabile said the state was shocked by the boy’s slogans. The government’s reluctance to make a case on its own on this issue is alarming. He said that such sectarian appeasement does not bode well for the country’s security and the future of the state.

DYFI, the youth wing of CPI(M), said in a statement that the slogans raised by the boy were part of the PFI’s agenda for societal division of Kerala. It is disturbing and dangerous that the mind of a young boy has become a factory of hate campaigns against other religions. She said Kerala society should be vigilant against such divisive forces.

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