PM Modi amid Agnipath row: Some decisions seem unfair but are important for building nation

As protests against the center’s newly inaugurated Agnipath scheme spread across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that many decisions may seem unfair at first, but help build the nation later.

Many decisions seem unfair nowadays. Addressing an event in Bengaluru, Prime Minister Modi said, “In due course, these decisions will help build the nation.” However, he did not directly refer to Agnipath’s scheme during his speech.

This comes at a time when the army has issued a notice of instigating soldiers under the Agnipath scheme for military recruitment. The army clarified that electronic registration on the force’s recruitment website is mandatory for all job aspirants under the new form, and that it will start as of next July.

Meanwhile, more than 500 trains were canceled on Monday due to the recall of Bharat Panda in parts of the country due to the center’s new staffing scheme. The railways suffered heavy property losses due to arson and rioting by protesters during the past five days.

Congressional leaders sat on a satyagraha At the Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to express their solidarity with the armed forces aspirants protesting the Agnipath scheme. Some youth conference workers were arrested after they blocked a train at Shivaji Bridge railway station near Connaught Place. And parts of Delhi experienced traffic jams as police tightened security across the city and its vicinity.

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