‘PM has not actually understand MGNREGA’, says Rahul Gandhi in Kerala | Latest News India

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for criticizing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). Speaking at an event in Kerala’s Wayanad, Gandhi said, “I was shocked to hear the Prime Minister speak against MGNREGA in the Lok Sabha. “He called it a living monument of the UPA’s failures. He poured it over the coffers. This makes me understand that the Prime Minister does not understand the depth of MGNREGA,” Gandhi said, according to news agency ANI.

Continuing his attack, Gandhi said PM Modi “did not understand MGNREGA” and said the employment policy had “changed the Indian labor market forever”. “They did not understand that MGNREGA is for millions and millions of Indian people, the last resort and the greatest protection,” he said.

MGNREGA provides livelihood security by providing at least 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to at least one member of every household who volunteers to do unskilled manual labor in exchange for minimum wages in rural areas.

With the country’s economy weakened due to demonetisation and the “flawed” implementation of GST and later affected by Covid, Gandhi said the scheme is now all the more important to protect the livelihood of the common man.

Gandhi is on a three-day visit to his Lok Sabha constituency. He expressed this opinion while addressing a convention of MGNREGA workers held at Koliadi in Sultan Batteri of Wayanad district.

Gandhi visited the party office in Wayanad days after Students Federation of India (SFI) activists vandalized it over the buffer zone issue. “This is the office of the people of Wayanad and it is unfortunate what the Left students have done,” he told reporters after the visit.

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