Plea to revise sugarcane workers’ minimum wage: Gujarat HC notice to state

The Gujarat High Court on Monday issued a notice to the state government and the Ministry of Labor in a public interest lawsuit brought by the Mazur Adhikar Manch trade union, which is demanding a revision of the minimum wages for sugarcane workers in accordance with the minimum wage provisions. Law, 1948.

The petitioners union noted that the sugarcane harvesters/workers rate was last adjusted in 2015 and was due to be reviewed in 2020 but has not been done. It also stated that in March 2021, the state revised the minimum wage rate for employees in the agricultural sector, but this was not done for employees and workers engaged in sugarcane cutting. The notice was kept subject to return on June 30, when defendants are expected to file their applications in relation to the allegations raised in the PIL.

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