PIL on same status for ‘Vande Mataram’ as national anthem: HC seeks Centre, Delhi govt’s response

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday sought to know the position of the center and the Delhi government on a petition seeking to craft a policy to publish both the national anthem and the national song – ‘Vandi Mataram’.

The bench consisting of Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sangi and Justice Sachin Datta has issued a notice on the petition filed by BJP leader and Attorney Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay and given the defendants time to file their response.

The court also sought a response from the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) to the petition which also called for a directive to the Center and the Government of Delhi to ensure that the song “Jana Gana Mana” and “Vande Mataram” is played and sung. In all schools and educational institutions every working day.

Meanwhile, the court expressed its displeasure that the petitioner had announced that the petition had been submitted even before it was included in the hearing, saying that it gave the impression that the petition had been made for publicity.

However, the court noted that the petitioner expressed regret and was instructed not to resort to such practice. The court said it would accept the current PIL because the petitioner is a serious opponent.

The petitioner argued before the court that in the absence of any guidelines or regulations to honor the “Vande Mataram” song, the patriotic song is being sung in an “uncivilized manner” and abused in films and parties.

The petitioner stated that the song played a historical role in the Indian freedom struggle and should be honored as much as the song “Jana Gana Mana” in light of the statement made by the Constituent Assembly President Dr. Rajendra Prasad in 1950.

In order to maintain the unity of the country, it is the duty of the government to formulate a national policy to promote the dissemination of “Jana Gana Mana” and “Vande Mataram”. “There is no reason to arouse any other sentiments because it is the makers of the constitution who decide both,” the petition said.

“The sentiments expressed in ‘Jana Gana Mana’ were expressed keeping the state in mind. However, the sentiments expressed in Vande Mataram are indicative of the character and style of the nation and deserve the same respect.”

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The petition asserted that there should not be any dramatic representation of “Vande Mataram” and “must not be included in any variety show because whenever it is sung or played, it is necessary on the part of every person present to show due respect and honor.” That the song of Vande Mataram, which has played a historical role in the struggle for Indian freedom, will be honored in equal measure with

“Jana Gana Mana” and will be equal to it in the spirit of the statement made by the President of the Constituent Assembly Mr.

The matter will then be heard on November 9.

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