People’s income decreased, farmer’s back broken under BJP rule at Centre: Sachin Pilot

Congress leader Sachin Pilot said on Tuesday that the BJP-led union government had failed to deliver on its promises while its policies broke the back of farms and lowered people’s income.

After eight years of central government rule, people now realize that the BJP has only fueled emotional issues. “All their promises have failed,” Pilot said in Tonk.

Pilot said the BJP government has not been able to crack down on black money or end corruption.

The former vice president of Rajasthan added, this has broken the back of the farmer while the middle class is very upset that their income is decreasing.

Pilot also claimed that the state’s congressional government has fulfilled most of its promises and that the rest will be fulfilled next year.

Their priority is to grow the area, Pilot said, adding that it is not their habit to raise emotional issues.

He said that when the Congressional government was at the center, it brought schemes like MGNREGA, the right to education, the right to information, and the right to food security into the country.

He also said the Federal Finance Minister’s speech in Parliament on inflation was far from the truth.

Pilot said the prices of petrol, diesel, gas and foodstuffs today are very high and unemployment in the country has risen.

The Congress leader said people want development but BJP leaders start raising emotional issues when elections are near.

Here it was said there is a disagreement within the state BJP. He said that instead of playing the role of the opposition, BJP leaders are trying to find an easy way to gain power.

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