Patrick Vieira loses temper, appears to kick fan on Everton field

Amid the pitch being invaded by Everton fans, Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira appeared to dismiss a fan who appeared to be urging him during the match.

Everton fans flooded the field after their side recovered from a 2-0 first-half deficit to win 3-2 on Thursday and ensure the Premier League stays ahead of Sunday’s final round.

As Vieira tried to leave the stadium, a fan apparently appeared to be holding a phone as he extended his arms towards the Frenchman’s face.

Then Vieira turns around and tries to grab the phone before kicking him with his right foot. The fan fell to the floor.

Then video footage of the chaos shows Vieira trying to get away.

Journalists at the post-match press conference were not aware of the incident when Vieira appeared but Everton manager Frank Lampard later commented.

“I feel for Patrick,” Lampard said. “I didn’t get it in the end. I was going to say, ‘Come with us,’ although he probably didn’t want to. Of course he ran 80 yards across the field and that’s not easy.”

On Tuesday, a Sheffield United player was assaulted by a fan who joined others in the stream on the pitch. He was sentenced Thursday to 24 weeks in prison.

Lampard defended the Everton fans who spilled onto the pitch.

He said, “It was pure joy for the fans who took to the field after avoiding relegation.”

“If it’s done the right way let them stay on the field, let them take their time. As long as they’re behaving, it’s no problem.

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