Passengers stranded after rain disrupts ops at Delhi Airport, at least 20 flights diverted

Many passengers were stranded at Delhi airport for hours after flights were delayed or subsequently rescheduled heavy rain On Monday morning.

Services affected from morning until 4:30-5pm. In a tweet, the Delhi Airport Authority asked passengers to contact the concerned airlines for updates on flight delays and cancellations. Flights to Jabalpur, Doha and Chennai were canceled during the flight to
Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru are at least two hours late.

According to the airport source, at least 20 flights were diverted to Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore, Amritsar and Mumbai between 6.45 am and 9 am.

In another tweet later in the evening, Delhi Airport said: “Flight operations have resumed at Delhi Airport. For updated flight information, please keep in touch with the respective airline. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to the passengers.”
During the day, hundreds of passengers were seen trying to get updates on their flight schedule even as airport staff and civil defense volunteers tried to avoid crowds and maintain Covid protocol.

Shahnawaz, an IT specialist, said he came from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi to catch a flight to Visakhapatnam but was at least two hours late: “You were due to leave at 4.35pm…Now I have to wait for at least four hours to catch the flight. Coming in. I will have to get to Vizag because I need to join the work tomorrow.”

Another passenger, who flew from Kolkata to Delhi to catch a flight to Ladakh, said, “This is my first time in the city…Now, due to bad weather, all flights to Ladakh have been canceled and there is no flight for the next three days…I could not From booking a flight back to Kolkata as well. I have asthma and the airline customer service support is pathetic.”

Some passengers were confused as the airport information board showed that their flights were taking off on schedule despite receiving messages to the contrary. “I received a message from the airline that due to bad weather, they rescheduled the flight from 2.25 pm to 4.35 pm. But the information panel shows that there is no delay. I Confused, the customer service manager wasn’t helpful either.”

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“I arrived from South Africa and had a connecting flight to Goa but I missed the flight. Airport staff put me on another flight but it was 2.50 hours late,” said Kennedy DSilva, a sports management consultant.

Mitu, 40, said she had to go to Hyderabad for a family event but her flight was delayed by an hour and a half: they had to make arrangements for the job. I have to arrange my own transportation now… The job is in a far part of town too and it will be late when I get there. “

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