Panchkula extortion racket: Kingpin’s son arrested from Meerut

In the fourth arrest in the Panchkula extortion racket, police have arrested one of the main accused and the son of Kingpin Anil Bhalla, Akash Bhalla.

Akash, who had been fleeing from a ditch on May 27, was arrested from his hideout in Meerut, police said. He was arraigned Saturday and taken into police custody for two days.

On May 27, Panchkula police arrested Anil Bhalla, a financier from Sector 2; ASI Gurmej Singh, in charge of Sector-2 Police Post, Panchkula; And Narendra Khillan of Sector 10.

However, the next day ASI managed to escape from police custody. According to police, Anil was making money with ASI, threatening to lend money to strangers and instead getting into false cases. They collect signatures on blank paper for credit and snatch their property, cars and money. From 2016-17, about 180 victims, mainly from Panchkula, Mohali, Ambala and Fatehabad, have contacted police.

He was also booked on charges of defrauding a Biz partner

Akash has been booked by police for allegedly selling his business partner’s SUV through fake documents.

Sikander Singh Sangwan of Panchkula Sector 4 told police that he was running a business and land purchase agency in Panchkula with Anil, Akash and his wife Bhavana.

Sangwan said that while he was in Canada in September 2018, Akash’s family conspired and stole the original documents of his Toyota Fortuner. He used his signature to prepare forged documents and change the vehicle number to a relative.

When he confronted Akash, he promised to pay for the car but he was delayed. One day later, Sangwan alleged that he acted inappropriately with her and threatened to kill her with a pistol.

In May 2021, the SHO complained to the CM window that no action had been taken.

On his complaint, the police on Thursday night filed a case against Akash under Section 420 (fraud), 467 (counterfeiting of valuable security, wills, etc.), 468 (counterfeiting for fraudulent purpose) and 471 (using a genuine forged document or electronic record). Indian Penal Code at Sector-5 Police Station.

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