Panchayat’s ‘Banrakas’ is Reminding Twitter of Money Heist’s Arturo and We Couldn’t Agree More

Banrakas from Season 2 of Panchayat have joined the ranks of fictional villains like Money Heist’s Arturo and Squid Game’s Player 101. There are villains you hate because you’re a fine person, and then there are the villains who actually have a moral obligation to you. love hate them. They are vile and leave you no choice. Banrakas aka Bhushan from Panchayat had the same effect on fans of the show.

Amazon Prime Video’s Panchayat has quickly climbed the ranks of people’s mass watch lists, and it’s safe to say that they are now investing in Abhishek Tripathi and Phulera Village. While Phulera is a real village in Uttar Pradesh, this is not where the series was actually filmed. In fact, Fullera Panchayat is actually a village in Madhya Pradesh, called Mahodiya. A Twitter user to @G219_Lost recently shared the coordinates of the village as well as the coordinates of the fictional places in Fullera as they are in the real Mahdia village. The actors did not have a place to stay in Mahodiya, so they were set off from the nearest town to film the series in the village, according to

Places whose coordinates have been Google searched include the famous “Fakoli bazaar” string and “Banrakas ka ghar”. The last place was of particular interest to people on Twitter.

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