Panchayat Season 2 is Here and Netizens are Storming Twitter with Memes

After a long wait of two years, The Viral Fever aka TVF launched the second season of the comedy series Panchayat. The long-awaited second season came with an entertaining plot similar to the first season. Not only new curves were given to the character’s arcs, but the plot line was also more diverse, including a possible love angle. With the release of Season 2, fans couldn’t keep calm and many had a meltdown on the day it was launched. Naturally, social media has been abuzz with memes taking up a lot of space on multiple platforms, including the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Panchayat Secretary Abhishek, Prahlad Pandey and Vikas stole the show with their engaging and witty dialogues. And many of Abhishek’s dialogues made it to the meme festival.

This is one of the internet’s “first day to join”.

Here is a photo for all the fans before May 19 in which the cast with ribs appears. Relatable much?

How about one for singles?

For all the moments of “Abba nahi maanenge”, Presented by Pandey and Vikas.

Shout out to the Karen Indians, also known as Desi Aunties.

This is our beloved Abhishek Tripathi who represents all introverts.

Aspirants will definitely relate to this.

Very topical meme.

These were some of the many memes we picked for you. Twitter continues to see a heavy flow of #Panchayat2 and #PanchayatSeason2 hashtags, along with the memes, appreciation posts, and touching suspense that season two entails.

Panchayat is about Abhishek Tripathi, an MBA student turned secretary in Panchayat and his adventures in a village called Phulera. Faced with situations in the beginning, the story shows the deep relationships that Abhishek develops with the village and its inhabitants. The show, which streams on Amazon Prime Video, was initially scheduled to launch on May 20, but was released two days earlier on May 18.

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