Owaisi hits out at breakdown of rule of law, tells PM to shut courts

In his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the “preferential treatment” of the Muslim community and the breakdown of the “rule of law”, Asaduddin Al Owaisi, Speaker of the All India Assembly, said the prime minister should shut down the courts as prime ministers decide the guilt and innocence of a person.

Speaking at a rally in Bhuj on Sunday, Owaisi said: “I am against violence (radicalization)…by the public and/or by the police…when something is said about (PM) Modi, Yogi (Adityanath, UP CM). ) or Mama Banerjee (West Bengal CM), (dissidents) are thrown into prisons…But Nupur Sharma says it’s bad (on the Prophet) and you (BJP) kept her safe at home.”

Owaisi, whose rallying was aimed at campaigning for the upcoming General Assembly elections in Gujarat, was referring to comments made by former BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma against the Prophet during a televised debate.

Two Muslim children were shot in Jharkhand. This would not have happened had the Prime Minister taken action. I condemn the violence and protests that should happen within the limits of the constitution… In Prayagraj, people protested so they (BJP government) demolished Avrin Fatimah’s house. The Uttar Pradesh government said she and her father were responsible (for the protests). So why do courts exist? Al-Owaisi said: What are the courts, judges, and police, if they decide (CM).

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Referring to the 15 days since Sharma’s comments, Al-Owaisi said, “No action has been taken against Nupur Sharma, but judgment has been passed against us (we Muslims) that you are the main culprit, your house will be demolished”… If they (Fatima) did, then Follow the court proceedings. Ensuring that they are legally punished, put in prison, and convicted. Will UP CM become Chief Justice of Uttar Pradesh and will he decide whose house will be demolished? Even if Afrin’s father Fatima was convicted, how would his house be demolished? By operating a bulldozer, you did not demolish the house of Averin Fatima, but rather demolished the rule of law in India. You have lost the principles of India. The Prime Minister of India told me, if this isn’t hate then what is? “

They say the house was illegal. So, has the BJP government in UP been dormant for the past six years? When the son of a BJP minister kills six people, the Supreme Court cancels the bail and the BJP does not demolish his house… but they demolish the house of Averin Fatimah. Who is the person who distinguishes? “What kind of justice is this,” the AIMIM president said.

Calling the people to raise their voices, he said, “I appeal to the prime minister that this bulldozer that you use against a particular society, weakens the constitution. If the state has to work, it must work within the scope of the constitution, otherwise close the courts, close the courts, and ask the judges not to appear.” Because the Cabinet will decide who is the culprit/offender. What is the need for courts and police? Remember, those who demolish homes are those who weaken India.”

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