Our MLAs getting extortion calls from goons, says AAP’s Sanjay Singh, takes aim at Amit Shah

Sanjay Singh, a member of parliament for the Aam Aadmi party, said “threats via calls and messages” and the law and order situation in Delhi had turned into a “joke”.

Responding to the union government and Home Minister Amit Shah, he said the situation of law and order in Delhi was “dwindling” and added, “Some of the elected legislators of the AAP received threats over the phone from the mafia and blackmail calls were made to them, they were also threatened with dire consequences. This did not happen. Only once or twice. They received 24 calls from these idiots. Threats were not only directed at them but their families as well. These extortionists demanded from some legislators 5 lakh rupees and some legislators 10,000 rupees.”

Singh said MLAs Sanjeev Jha and Ajay Dutt have received such calls. Jha, the MLA from Burari, said he is receiving audio recordings, phone calls and messages asking for “protection money”. “Although we filed a complaint on June 21 with the Special Cell and also received a copy of the FIR with the cases registered under Sections 387 and 66c, we have not received any information that a detailed investigation into the matter has been launched,” he said.

Sanjay Singh said, “I would like to inform Amit Shah that if he hates the AAP legislators so much and if he cannot deal with the law and order situation in the national capital, he might as well line up all our MLAs one by one and shoot them. If this is the kind of chaos in Delhi , where three times elected MLAs receive such threats, then imagine what the situation would be like for the townspeople.”

A senior police officer said they recorded the FIRs and the investigation was still ongoing. “We have received all recorded phone calls and are trying to find out who is calling,” the officer said.

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