‘Our challan will meet him soon’: Mumbai traffic police’s response takes Twitter by storm

Traffic in Mumbai police He responded immediately when a Twitter user, Mumbai Matters, shared a photo of a man sitting on a motorbike with a child, taking a selfie on the road. The user said the man was not wearing a helmet and did not give way to other vehicles.

Tagging policeOn Thursday, Mumbai Matters wrote that the man was making fun of the law and even sarcastically asked others to call the police. “Such a mockery of the law… @sanjayp_1 sir… nowadays no one is afraid nor respected by mumbaipoliceMTPHereToHelp. Biker MH01DC4597 who is not wearing a helmet while riding the #WrongSide of TH Kataria Marg, Mahim, refused to give way and started laughing and taking pictures Sylvie… Pulau Police ko.. “Read Tweet.

The Law Enforcement Agency He said challan will be sent soon to the man in the picture. “@Mumbaimatters Ab Inon Bulaya Hai Toh Gana Hai Hoja…Maoka Bhai Hai… Kanon Bhi! Police responded to the tweet.

While some users were surprised by the police response, others supported the man saying he was just taking a selfie with a child. “I am requesting you to please share the chalan version of all Twitter complaints,” one user wrote.

“It doesn’t look like he is riding the motorbike. While the other vehicles r were also parked on the same side of the road,” another user commented.

“There is something wrong with our genes that makes us feel proud of breaking the laws in our country..we don’t even feel ashamed of doing it…and once we get out, we try to become fully law-abiding,” a user wrote.

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