Now, Link Exp to ply daily between Prayagraj and Dehradun from July

Though various departments have started preparations for the Maha Kumbha-2525 set to be held at the Sangam sand dune between January-March 2025, the North Central Railway (NCR) has not fallen behind.

NCR has decided to introduce direct and daily train service between Prayagraj, with the aim of providing direct rail services to the pilgrims of the two ‘Kumbha Nagares’ (two of the four cities in the country where the Kumbhs and Mahakumbas take place). Dehradun.

The train, Link Express, (14113/14) operates from NCR’s Subedarganj station in Prayagaraj and runs as far as Dehradun. Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) NCR Shivam Sharma has informed that the railway operation will commence from July this year.

Apart from providing a direct train for pilgrims who wish to travel to Haridwar, the train is also convenient for tourists wishing to visit Dehradun. In addition, the direct rail service will help many travelers who wish to visit Sangam for their work at the Allahabad High Court, both personal and official. The train connects Kanpur, Tundla, Aligarh and Moradabad with the exception of Haridwar and Dehradun.

Currently, a train named Link Express connects Sangam to Dehradun but runs only three days a week. However, the railway authorities have decided to run the train all seven days of the week.

The train leaves Subedarganj at 9 pm and passes through Kanpur Central, Itawa, Tundla, Aligarh and Moradabad and reaches Haridwar at 10.50 pm and Dehradun at 1:15 pm. On the return journey, the train will leave at 1.25 pm and reach Subedarganj at 6 am the next day.

To run the train from Subedarganj, the satellite station of Prayagraj Junction, the railway has built a pit line which is a basic necessity for cleaning the train to operate from a particular station.

“Some of the remaining works are expected to be completed soon,” said NCR CPRO.

A few years ago, Link Express was part of Sangam Express and some bogies were detached at Aligarh Junction before it was attached to a different train to Haridwar, but the remaining bogies were moving towards Meerut. However, now Sangam Express runs daily between Prayagraj and Meerut and only three days a week to Dehradun and Haridwar. The link express is now running seven days a week from July, making it easier for train passengers to get to Haridwar.

Similarly, the NCR has been instructed to run the Prayagraj-Jaipur Express as far as Bikaner on all seven days of the week. For four days, the train number 12403 and 12404 will travel to Bikaner via Sikar, Churu and Ratnagar, and train for the remaining three days via Sikar, CPRO said.

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