Not every film needs to bring in numbers like RRR: Modern Love Hyderabad director Nagesh Kukunoor

Director Nagesh Kukunoor has been a part of Modern Love: Hyderabad since its inception. Coconnor read nearly 200 personal articles published in the New York Times for a shortlist of 20 stories. Six stories from them were completed to form an anthology series.

Kukunoor’s main criterion was to pick out stories that would resonate with the Telugu audience. “A lot of attention was paid to choosing the right stories. We also made sure that we covered various aspects. We kept the audience in mind throughout the whole process,” the director told

Nagesh Kukunoor directed three of the six short films in Modern Love: Hyderabad: My Improbably Dreamed Partner, Why Did You Leave Me There…? And fuzzy, purple and full of thorns. And not all of them deal with traditional problems between romantic partners. As my partner explores in the unlikely dream of a pandemic, the turbulent relationship between daughter and mother, why did he leave me there…? The plot revolves around a grandson’s unanswered questions about abandoning his passionate grandmother. Fuzzy, Purple And Full of Thorns deals with the conflict between romantic partners.

While many films and shows have dealt with relationship conflicts, Coconnor’s focus was on the added value he could add to the stories in Modern Love: Hyderabad to make it unique. “It’s not that these love stories haven’t been explored. Almost everything is already done. That’s the truth. But as a writer and director, I constantly ask myself what subtle differences can I bring to the table? You’re doing the best you can. Much credit goes to It gives you the foundation and emotional core with which to build,” the director said.

Nagesh Kukunoor also revealed that working on Modern Love: Hyderabad was an unforgettable experience as he realized Hyderabad, his hometown, in ways he had never before. He said, “It was nice to come back to Hyderabad after almost a decade and see aspects of the city that you wouldn’t normally do. When you start planning to shoot, you do a careful reconnaissance. That was a very interesting process.”

Finally, Kokonor said he was confident that audiences would respond favorably to attempts at storytelling like Modern Love at a time when larger-than-life films have become the flavor of the season.

“I always think there’s an audience for everything. That’s how I’ve been able to survive 25 years. I keep doing my own thing. Not every movie needs to bring in numbers like RRR. There are big movies and medium and small movies. Don’t worry about these things.” I know people look at the trend and worry that this works and that it doesn’t. I think new people need to find directions and stuff. For me, it’s mostly about storytelling. I tend to spend a lot of time on a movie, so I need to make sure I believe in it. I choose my stories carefully and once I do that, the belief becomes total. The consequences of what happens next are really not in my control. “So I don’t have to worry about that,” concluded Nagesh Kokonur.

Modern Love: Hyderabad premieres on Amazon Prime Video on July 8.

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