Noida man performed ‘Ajay Devgn-like’ car stunt, arrested

Gautam Buddha City Police on Sunday announced the arrest of a man who was seen in a video showing a stunt on a road in Noida. “Sector 113 police have arrested a young man who performed dangerous stunts on cars and bikes. Police Commissioner Gautam Buddha said on his Twitter handle that vehicles used in stunts have been confiscated.

Authorities said the video appeared on social media a day ago, showing a young man balancing himself on two moving SUVs on a Noida road, prompting local police to take action against him in a motor vehicle.

“Based on the video, the person was discovered. He has been identified as Rajeev (21), a resident of Sorakha village and has been arrested. We have seized two SUVs and a motorcycle found in the clip, ”said Sharad Kant, SHO of Sector 113 Police Station.

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The officer said that two Toyota Fortuners were used for the adventure, one of which belonged to Rajiv’s family and the other he rented from relatives. The bike also belonged to the accused’s family.

“Rajiv has no job but he comes from a good family. They are only videoing for social media, ”the SHO said.

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan, in his 1991 debut film ‘Phool Aur Conte’, showed off his adventurous balance on two moving motorcycles. In his 2010 film ‘Golmaal Returns’, Devgan performed a similar adventure with two cars this time.

Meanwhile, Alok Singh, who praised the local police for their swift action in the case, urged parents and guardians of children and youth to pay attention to their wards.

(With PTI inputs)

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