Noel Gallagher Stitched Up After Head-butt in Manchester City Mayhem

With most Manchester City fans celebrating another Premier League title on Sunday, one of their most famous fans, Noel Gallagher, received stitches in the face after being gored by Robin Dias’ father.

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Former rock star Oasis said he was “stained with blood” moments after Pep Guardiola’s side fell 2-0 to Aston Villa to win 3-2 at the Etihad Stadium in a thrilling final match of the season.

“With the third goal going there’s utter nonsense…on the field where we’re sitting, Ruben Dias’ family in the penalty area, a couple of boxes,” Gallagher told TalkSport.

“So I’m jumping like an idiot, passing my 11-year-old son like a Premier League trophy, and everyone hoisting him. I turn and Robin Dias’ dad lunges right at me, head-throwing me. I’m on the floor bloodied.

“I don’t see the last two minutes. I have to be lowered by a St. John’s ambulance and had to sew. I have stitches on my upper lip, and I have two black eyes.”

There was no sign of the City defender’s father Dias.

“It’s such a big bear for a man,” said Gallagher, “that he almost got my teeth out.”

“As I’m going down the aisle, Pep ran up crying and hugging each other saying ‘What’s wrong with your face?’ “

“I look like my head has been shattered. It’s unbelievable. A lot of City fans ask, ‘Are you okay?'” What happened?’ And I said, “You’d never guess.”

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