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Geo News reports that no evidence of corruption, abuse of power and bribery has been found in the document in cases of illegal money transfers against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz, Geo News reported.

The court said the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) intended to arrest Hamza and the prime minister, saying the agency had already launched an investigation when the two were already in the custody of the National Accountability Bureau. Both Hamza and Shehbaz Sharif were prosecuted on December 18, 2020 and January 8, 2021.

But the FIA ​​did not prosecute him for the next five months and asked him to appear before the agency after his release from NAB custody, the court said. “This shows that the prosecution wanted to arrest him again after his release, which shows its maliciousness,” the special court order said.

Hamza Shahbaz and prime minister’s custody bail extended till June 11 in a sugar factory scam worth 16 billion Pakistani rupees The court said the agency wanted to arrest the father-son duo after getting bail in NAB cases.

“… allegations of complacency, corrupt practice, abuse of official power, kickback and commission require further investigation, as there is no natural evidence available at this stage,” the order read.

The order states that the Investigation Office (IO) has so far not mentioned in its diary that the applicant should be remanded for further investigation.

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Decoding a Money Laundering Case

Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shehbaz are the main accused in a sugar factory case worth 16 billion Pakistani rupees. In 2020, the FIA ​​filed a case against Sharif and his sons Hamza and Suleiman under various sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act and the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Suleiman is absconding in the United Kingdom and a court has issued an arrest warrant against him.

An FIA investigation found that 28 benami accounts allegedly belonging to the Shehbaz family amounted to 14 billion Pakistani rupees from 2008 to 2018.

The FIA ​​reviewed 17,000 credit transactions for money.

The amount was kept in “hidden accounts” and according to the charges Shehbaz was given in his personal capacity.

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