Nithari killings: Special CBI court awards death penalty to main accused Surinder Koli

The main accused in the Netari murders, Surinder Kohli, was sentenced to death by a special CBI court in Ghaziabad. The court announced the death sentence in relation to the premeditated murder charges against the defendants.

The officials said the judge also sentenced his employer Muninder Singh Bandir to seven years in prison in the case, in addition to a fine of Rs 62,000 to Kohli and Rs 4,000 to Bander.

The sensational killings emerged after Noida police found human remains in a stream behind the accused’s home sixteen years ago. Accused Kohli and Bander are currently in custody on charges of rape and murder of several people.

The officers said the CBI has filed indictments in 16 cases since taking over the investigation. While Cooley was convicted of murder, rape, conspiracy, and destroying evidence of the crime, Bander was charged with immoral trafficking. Cooley has been sentenced to death in more than 10 cases previously. Bander was also sentenced to death in three cases.

The two were arrested on December 29, 2006, after police found the skeletons and other belongings of missing girls from the drain outside their D-5 home in Nethari. Cooley allegedly killed several girls, cutting their bodies to pieces before dumping them in their backyard.

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