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Styrofoam plates spread out on the road after the repository or the langer and the glasses supplied with water are common at most festivals. The dehydrated Ekadashi, identified by the distribution of chhabil (sweet drink), leaves behind a similar view. But, this time, in the sunny months, we are trying to bring about a change in the service of humanity.

Sameera Satija, founder of Crockery Bank, is seeing a rise in requests for stainless steel crockery. “At the time of COVID-19, people thought plastic was the safest option, but it wasn’t in the long run. Vase from single-use glasses, then ragpickers collect empty-handed, the latter threatening to become infected. Waste collectors can in turn become carriers and the virus chain can revive. Avoiding all this, people are demanding stainless steel glasses to deliver a biting lassi or chaebil. I have received 10-15 new questions so far to lend glasses, ”says Satija.

Distributing Chabil to senior citizens living in their shelters, The Earth Saviors Foundation also uses steel containers. “In our centers in Bandwari village and Mandawar village, we use steel bars and plates to serve. We always pray for our mother land. In fact, we refuse plastic (all the time), ”says Kavita Mathur from NGO.

NGO Transit-Ek Prius has been hosting Chabil for the past few years with recyclable glasses.
NGO Transit-Ek Prius has been hosting Chabil for the past few years with recyclable glasses.

But the challenges are plentiful, says Vipan Basrar of Dwarka’s Crockery Bank. “The importance of not using Styrofoam plates is to protect overflowing landslides. However, most people are not comfortable with using steel, “says Bassar,” because of the costs and costs of washing steel plates and glass for many reasons for the slow pace of making this much-needed change. Make sure people wash them properly. Still, we keep our fingers crossed and try to change things up.

Environmentalist Ruchika Sethi says that people choose disposable materials using Styrofoam and plastic for convenience, without thinking of what will happen once these are disposed of. “We urge all distributors of beverages or foods to recycle or carry a recyclable glass, bottle or tumbler, to collect prasadas in a desolate concentration. We cannot escape the reality of a rapidly deteriorating ecosystem, and the least we can do is to adopt sustainable practices in which the least possible litter is produced. The main purpose of all of our activities, including activities done for the benefit of mankind, is to reduce waste, ”he says.

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