Nikhat Zareen ‘Humbled’ by ‘Hero’ Salman Khan’s Praise, Actor Jokes ‘Just Don’t Knock Me Out’

India is a nation awash in the frenzy of movies and the entertainment industry. From a common man to a celebrity millionaire, everyone in the middle is fascinated by the glamor and charm of show business.

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Indian culture elevates movie stars to demigod levels and just mentioning the names of their favorite artists can send entire crowds into a frenzy.

Athletes are no exception to this seemingly ubiquitous rule. Indeed, examples of the convergence of sport and recreation can be demonstrated in many cases and capacities in the nation’s repertoire.

Basking in the glory of her achievement, world boxing champion Nikat Zarin has become the toast of the city with messages of goodwill and applause coming from every nook and cranny of the jubilant nation.

In an interview, the Telangana native boxer expressed her admiration for Bollywood actor Salman Khan and her dream of meeting the superstar.

“I am a big fan of Salman and I dream of meeting him,” the hero said.

“My dream is to win an Olympic medal and to fly straight to Mumbai to meet Salman Khan,” Zarine said with a cheerful smile on her face.

In response, Salman Khan wished the girl from Nizamabad on Twitter that she wrote it down.”Congratulations on this gold Nikhat… nikhat_zareen”.

Zarine was elated by Khan’s message and posted a response which is an adorable moment.

“Being a huge fan girl, it’s one of my favorite dreams that came true. I can’t believe it Tweet embed You will tweet me. I am very humble. Thank you so much for making my win more special. I will forever enjoy this moment in my heart,” the tweet read.

In response, Salman Khan joked, “Just don’t fire me.”

Salman Khan isn’t the only big name to express his admiration for the boxer after his big win in Istanbul, where wishes from high ranks including those from the Prime Minister himself hailed Zareen’s achievement on the world stage.

Nigat Zarin has drawn millions of Indians on her way to her historic World Boxing Championship gold medal in Turkey as she beat Mexico’s Herrera Alvarez, England’s Charlie Sian Davison and Brazil’s Caroline de Almeida 5-0 to reach the finals. .

In the all-important final, she beat Thai boxer Jutamas Jitpong in a high-octane action packed game.

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