NIA conducts searches in Amravati murder; electronic items, ‘pamphlets spreading hate’, knives seized

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) investigating the Umesh Kulhi murder case conducted searches in 13 places in Amravati on Wednesday and claimed to have found electronic materials and leaflets spreading hate messages and knives from the residences of the arrested suspects and suspects in connection with the murder. .

“During today’s searches at the premises of defendants and suspects, digital devices (mobile phones, SIM cards, memory cards, digital video recorders), leaflets spreading hate messages, knives and other incriminating documents and materials were confiscated, a newspaper reported. A note issued by the agency.

The case was initially registered on June 22 by the Kotwali City Police Station in Amravati who applied the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) in the case. After the approaching killing of Udaipur, in which the victim was targeted for allegedly supporting insulting comments of the Prophet Muhammad by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, investigations into the Amravati case were handed over to the National Intelligence Agency by the Union Home Ministry.

The National Intelligence Agency re-registered the case on 2 July and took over the investigations from the Amravati Police. All the seven suspects arrested by the Amravati City Police are now in the custody of the National Intelligence Agency.

The arrested suspects are Irrfan Khan, 35, Dr. Yusuf Khan, 44, Mudathir Ahmed aka Sonu Raza Sheikh Ibrahim, 22, Shahrukh Pathan aka Badshah Hedayat Khan, 25, Abdul Tawfeek aka Nano Sheikh Taslim, 24, Atib Rashid Valad Adil Rashid, 22 , and Shoaib Khan aka Poriya Vald Saber Khan, 22. Irrfan is the alleged mastermind in the case.

Notably, the murder of Kohli, 54, a chemist from the city of Amravati, occurred on June 21, a week before the murder of tailor Kanhai Lal in Udaipur on June 28. However, the Amravati Police were only able to prove the motive in the case by one person. A week after they arrested the fifth defendant in the case.

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