Newsmaker | Mahua Moitra: She soared with fiery speeches, now under fire over one

Facing the FIR Several police cases across the country over her remarks about the controversy over a movie poster featuring Goddess Kali, Trinamool Member of Parliament Mahwa Moytra Wednesday was a defiant day, tweeting: “Jai Ma Kali! Worship of the Bengal goddess is fearless and unsatisfying.”

While a large number of young volunteers on social media in the Transitional Military Council have endorsed her remarks, Muitra may find that the support ends soon. With its strong evocation of Bengali nationalism in conflict with its plans to expand into other regions, TMC was quick to officially distance itself from Moytra’s commentsMade in India Today Conclave East. It also issued a stern rebuke to a Member of Parliament for the first time.

“Moytra must realize that the world, as a public representative, is not her oyster. An MP from Trinamol said, on condition of anonymity, “Exercising a degree of self-control is also essential in these trying times, regardless of our personal beliefs.”

While it was her fiery sermons and articulated expressions that fueled Muitra’s meteoric rise in the TMC after she joined it in 2010 – with the party looking for faces to represent in the national capital – her star has been in decline.

As a Member of Parliament, Muitra often made headlines with Her speeches are tearing apart the Modi government The Ideology of RSS-BJP. In her first speech in 2019, she spoke of the “early signs of fascism,” saying: “The overwhelming nature of this mandate (the BJP win), of the entirety of that mandate, makes it imperative that we be heard. Today, in order to be heard. Opposition voice today.

In 2021, the TMC rewarded her by making her in charge of Goa, hoping to leverage her strengths in the coastal state. But the TMC’s defeat in the opinion polls did not reflect well on Muitra.

Before that, she was on the side who received public warnings from TMC Chairman Mamata Banerjee during an administrative review meeting in Nadia district, where Krishnangarh constituency is located in Mwitra constituency, due to disagreements over ticket distribution.

A TMC insider said, “Over the months, the leadership has received complaints about its authoritarian style of work. The combination of these complaints from local leaders and its candor on sensitive matters was supposed to resolve it.”

Born in the Kashar district of Assam in 1974, he grew up fairly wealthy in a family of tea growers, and graduated from Massachusetts College with a degree in Economics and Mathematics. She left a successful career as a banker with JPMorgan’s London and New York operations to pursue what she calls a lifelong interest in public life.

Members of the BJP Mahila Morcha have staged a protest in front of Bubazar Police Station to demand the immediate arrest of TMC MP Mahwa Muitra for her remarks about Goddess Kali in Kolkata. (PTI)

Her first stop was in Congress, where she was chosen almost immediately to lead the “Aam aadmi ka sipahi (Common Man Soldier)” campaign designed by Rahul Gandhi. Two years later, I transferred to TMC. She attributed this to the weak organizational presence of Congress at the grass-roots level.

She managed to win first as a TMC MLA from largely rural Karimpur constituency in 2016 and is now a Member of Parliament from Krishnanagar.

As controversy spread over her Kali remarks, which was followed by complaints against her, Moitra characteristically responded on Twitter: “Bring her to the BJP! I’m a Kali avid. I’m not afraid of anything. Not your ignorant. Not your fools. Not your police. And certainly not Your trolls. The truth needs no supporting forces.” Throughout the day, I liked several tweets expressing disappointment with the position the TMC has taken on her.

However, in these thin-skinned times, perhaps Muitra would have better heed her words for once. Addressing students at a school in Delhi in July 2019, she said people warned her about politics. “I was always called, unfortunately, in the slang the ‘smart donkey’. Everyone said that there are sharks there, they will devour you, they are filthy, they are rotten, you know no one, your father is not a vice, that is impossible.”

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