Netflix ‘Mystery Box’ feature is like a shuffle button for kids

Netflix is ​​introducing new strategies to retain its subscribers, which the streaming service has been rapidly declining. Amid the new additions, there is a new Mystery Box feature that comes to children’s profiles on Netflix and offers suggestions for new content based on the user’s current preferences.

Available on kids’ profiles all over the world, the Mystery Box feature is essentially a toggle for kids, wrapped in a gift-like avatar. This feature opens kids to new shows and movies that they might find interesting, except that instead of showing the new proposal as a cute card, the service will “wrap” it in a box like a birthday present that must be opened.

“Children are drawn to what they love – their favorite toys, food, and songs – and it’s hard to convince them to try something new. So today, we’re launching a new Mystery Box feature on TVs around the world to provide a fun and safe space for kids to discover their next favorite series and movies or reconnect with a familiar face — whether it’s a series A comic in a beloved franchise like Boss Baby: Back In The Crib or an animated adventure movie featuring a whole new cast of lovable characters like Back to the Outback,” Netflix said.

The feature is expected to make watching new shows and movies more attractive to kids, who will now see pop-up suggestions primarily as gifts from Netflix itself.

How to access the new Mystery Box feature

On the Kids profile of your Netflix account, go to the Favorites row at the top of the home page. Here, you can move the selection over the shiny new Mystery Box to reveal a hidden title.

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