NEP model in Karnataka soon, madrasas to have mainstream subjects: Education minister

As the Learning Recovery Program is currently underway for students from grades 1 to 9, Karnataka Education Minister BC Nagesh said on Tuesday that the National Education Policy (NEP)-2020 form will be submitted once it is out. He also said that major subjects will be introduced in religious schools similar to the decision taken by the Uttar Pradesh government.

“The current focus of the government is the Learning Recovery Program to bridge the gap caused by Covid-19. However, the nali-kali method of learning (transfer education through recreational activities) will be implemented from grades 1-3 as per the NEP guidelines once the learning recovery program ends so that the students become Adept in basic arithmetic and alphabet skills. Nagesh added that the department is also planning to combine the Anganwadi curriculum with primary education as per the guidelines of the National Education Program.

In line with the UP government’s decision to introduce general subjects in schools, Nagish said efforts will be made to integrate major subjects such as science, mathematics and English into religious schools. He noted that attendance in Urdu schools has dropped dramatically and that students want to learn more subjects. “We have recommendations to change the curriculum in madrassas and to integrate subjects such as mathematics, English and science. No decision has been made on this yet but we will implement it.”

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Nagesh said 15,000 teachers will be appointed this school year. “The ratio of teachers in Karnataka is 1:23, but we are seeing a shortage of teachers, especially in rural areas. We will appoint enough teachers as per the priority.”

He said about 1,800 schools in Karnataka have fewer than 10 students. Of the 48,000 public schools, about 13,800 have fewer than 25 students. The shortage of teachers is also because for every school with less than 10 students we provide one teacher and for every school with more than 11 students we provide two teachers. said Nagesh, who also added that student strength in government schools is declining due to the lack of quality education.

“Eggs are served twice a week at midday meals.”

The Karnataka Department of Education and Literacy has agreed to serve eggs twice a week and 46 days a year at midday meals across the state.

Earlier, eggs were introduced in midday meals only in Kalia Karnataka district after identifying increasing malnutrition among students. Those who did not prefer eggs were served banana or czech.

“We have allocated Rs 150 crore to provide eggs at midday meals across all districts and want to ensure that malnutrition should not hamper education. However, eggs will be purchased from a third party and not from Akshaya Patra Foundation.

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