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A video of the cat’s reaction to his father coming home has been posted on Instagram.

It is always incredible to watch a video showing its happy reaction when pets meet their humans after returning home. If you agree, this video will bring you so much joy. It shows a cat named Nelly reacting to her father returning home and the clip makes you laugh from ear to ear.

The clip opens to show that a cat named Nelly is sitting on a chair next to the work station. She jumped out of the chair while the man recording the video was saying, “He’s here.” “When Dad Comes Home,” reads the text in the video.

Nellie then goes to the door and gets up on her hind legs as if she can’t wait until the door opens. Once it was on the father’s walk.

“Finally !!! Waiting the whole day,” the caption shared with the video. Watch the sweet clip below:

The video, which was shared about a week ago, has garnered more than 48,000 likes and many wonderful comments from people on Instagram.

“When we get all 4 people out the door, Hooman struggles to get in because she’s back because we’re so excited,” reads the comment from the cat’s account.

“People who don’t like cats don’t understand this … they even welcome us at the door,” one person posted. “Very cute,” another responded. “My cat was waiting for me at the door every day. There’s nothing better than that,” shared the third.

What is your opinion on this sweet video?

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