Neil Bhoopalam: I worked with Star TV at 24, most bosses were women | Web Series

Neil Bhupalam is a familiar face in the OTT space and has a lot to offer this year and next. The actor is adept at playing restrained roles but goes a bit too far as a daredevil, who doesn’t mind being overlooked by his crush on the web series, Masaba Masaba. The actor says his reel self is so different that he believes it is too good to be true. Thanks to the many good writers on the Netflix show, she says she is facing no difficulty in playing a role that only requires her to show up and act on the sets. Also read: Masaba Masaba Season 2 Review

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Neil Masaba opens up about his mostly superficial role in Masaba and more. Excerpts:

Finally, you must become a conquering prince By Masaba Gupta Heart on Masaba Masaba? So, can you assure us that you will be the male lead in Season 3?


What preparation is going on for season 3?

Everyone is enjoying how Season 2 is coming along. Not sure what’s happening in season 3 but yes, something is cooking. He is expected to enter the writing process in the near future.

You played a very restrained character in Masaba Masaba. What short film were you given for your role?

I was told to be simple and direct. You really like her but at the same time there are so many constraints as you have a professional avatar, so balancing that was the whole game. It was so fun to watch because we shot it over a year ago and there were so many details I had completely forgotten about. I loved the opening shot of Courage arriving with the bouquet (which Masaba thoughtlessly put aside after asking who sent it).

Will the good guys really win at the end of 2022?

I think so. But I think someone like Courage is purely fictional, I have never seen such a person. It’s like Michelangelo built the inscription with enhanced muscles, you never really see a man with such a build. Its ambition, what you see, is what I find daring. The name itself is short.

How different are you in real life than your sober character? How do you react to the opening scene?

I’m probably 20% in courage, not much more. If I were there, I wouldn’t hold back or hesitate to express myself. If I made the effort, I would make a point to interrupt whatever the other person was doing and share my thoughts.

What was it like working with Masaba and the team again?

There is great love, camaraderie and collective enthusiasm when we do what we do. Always a pleasure to return.

I come from a theater background, we do plays. We have been running Hamlet the Clown Prince for 14 years now. This time we are taking the show to New York and Boston. So, we are the same staff and keep meeting, no time has passed.

The show has a mostly female-dominated cast. Is it different than shooting with a male-dominated team?

I was born in 1983. Cable TV came and I was working at Star TV at the age of 24. Most of my bosses are women. I am used to a creative space where most HODs are women.

From what I gather, earlier most families were not okay with their girls coming to media line. It is considered by some to be a lax-ethical type of industry. It was just ignorance. Some of the best writers in the world are women. Mind has no gender.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects?

I will do plays till January next year. I have a bit part in season two of Made in Heaven. I have shot for a film in Goa and have a Rajat Kapoor film along with the next season of Four More Shots Please.

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