NCB’s claims: From Aryan hand in int’l trafficking to bulk purchase of drugs

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), which gave a clean tip to Aryan Khan in his charge sheet on Friday in connection with the interception of drugs on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai last October, claimed, while the case was going on, that it had evidence of Aryan’s involvement in ” International drug trafficking” and said his WhatsApp conversations showed he was indulging in “the illegal drug activities of narcotics on a regular basis.”

After his arrest on 3 October, in six hearings on his pretrial detention and in opposition to his release on bail, the Central Office presented charges ranging from his involvement in “international drug smuggling” to the purchase of drugs in large quantities.

In these sessions, the NCO represented Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh, the chief legal officer of the Center in Maharashtra, who appeared before the Magistrates’ Court, the Court of Sessions, as well as the Bombay High Court v. Aryan, usually leaving after the arguments against him were concluded.

During the first hearing on October 3, the NCB sought Aryan’s detention for two days with the prosecutor claiming that the charges against him and two others before the Magistrate’s Court had been released on bail, so only “reasonable custody” was requested.

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The court granted NCB Aryan custody for a day. However, the next day, the National Central Bank took a scandalous stance and sought to detain him for a week.

The National Commercial Bank then claimed for the first time that it wanted to investigate Aryan’s role “in reference to international drug trafficking” based on WhatsApp conversations allegedly found on his phone. Although Aryan was not found in possession of drugs, his phone was confiscated by the NCB.

SIT has now said the confiscation of the phones was “inappropriate”.

In October last year, the National Central Bank pointed to the phone and said there were links “in the form of pictures, conversations, etc. that refer to international drug trafficking”. He claimed that there are “many suspicious figures”, and discussions about payment methods. He also noted the prevalence of drugs among young people and that the “prominent” person is considered a role model. Aryan’s legal team has provided that it is a “terrifying and very dangerous term” of “illicit drug trafficking” which they have been throwing at Aryan, and the term should not be used casually and loosely when there is nothing to associate it with.

However, the ECB insisted that it was even looking with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find a place for a foreign national, claiming that there was a discussion with him about the purchase of medicines. The Court of Sessions considered these aspects with the refusal of bail for Arian.

While granting him bail, the Bombay High Court said there was no evidence of a conspiracy.

In October, investigators in the case visited Aryan’s home, Manat. The central office denied the rumors of the raid and said that its purpose was to collect documents according to procedures. It was also alleged that the chats found on Ariane’s phone got into the media. The National Bureau also expanded the investigation beyond the case of the cruise and called for the recording of the statement of those allegedly linked to Aryan, including actor Ananya Panday.

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