‘Nawab Malik Plotted with Dawood Company to Usurp Kurla Property’: Mumbai Court Has Proof

A special court in Mumbai, after taking note of the document of charges against Maharashtra minister, Nawab Malik, said that the perpetual evidence against Malik indicated that he was directly and knowingly involved in money laundering and criminal conspiracy with members of ‘D-Company’ to rape the Goawala complex in Korla. .

The indictment also mentioned the names of the members of the late Dr. Hasina Barkar (Dawud Ibrahim’s sister), Salem Patel and Sardar Khan. The JILA court noted that Malik had “active complicity” with members of gang D.

The court issued proceedings against the NCP minister and the indictment of the 1993 bombing, Sardar Shahwali Khan, who was also named in the case.

Special Judge Rahul said that Rokkady: “Nawab Malik has been accused of colluding with members of D-Company i.e. Hasina Parkar, Salem Patel and Sardar Khan, of orchestrating a criminal plot to usurp the principal property of Mrs. Munira Sabbak.”

“D-Company” is a reference to the Bombay underworld organized crime syndicate founded and controlled by Dawood Ibrahim.

The Emergency Department said that during the investigation, it was revealed that Hasina Parkar (sister of the deceased Don Daoud Ibrahim) was involved in the unauthorized possession of major assets to raise funds for terrorism. One of the main assets is the Gwawala Complex, owned by Munira Spak and Marium Gwawala. An indictment was filed in the case last month.

According to the indictment, members of D-Company and Malik colluded and executed several illegal documents to rape property. Malik and Parkar got involved in a criminal conspiracy and Malik agreed to pay 55,000 rupees to Parkar, 15,000 rupees to Salim Patel (Parkar’s driver) and 5,000 rupees to Sardar Khan. She also said that Malik had several meetings with Parkar and Sardar Khan to usurp property.

Sardar Shahwali Khan is serving a life sentence in Aurangabad prison in connection with the 1993 bombings and was released on parole when the meetings were held. The indictment also alleged that the owner illegally occupied Korla’s general store using his influence and muscle strength. He also usurped the Gwawala complex through Solidus Investments.

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