Navjot Sidhu to Surrender in Patiala Court Today After SC Sentences Him to 1-year Jail in Road Rage Case

Former Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu is set to turn himself in to a district court in Patiala on Friday in a 1988 road rage case, in which the Supreme Court sentenced him to a year in prison. Narinder Pal Lali, Chairman of the Patiala District Congress Committee, said in a letter to the party supporters that Sidhu will arrive at the court at 10 am. He also urged party supporters to reach the court complex around 9:30 am.

After the Supreme Court announced its decision, Siddhu’s wife, Navjot Kaur Sidu, arrived in Patiala from Amritsar around 9:45 pm. In handing down its ruling on Thursday, the Supreme Court said any undue sympathy for an inappropriate punishment would further damage the justice system and undermine public confidence in the law’s efficacy.

The Supreme Court has increased Seydoux’s sentence to one year in maximum prison terms in the road rage incident in which a 65-year-old man died.

Seidu, 58, took to Twitter to say he would be “subject to the majesty of the law” as the cricketer-turned-politician rode an elephant in Patiala earlier in the day to record a symbolic protest against soaring commodity prices.

The panel of judges AM Khanwilkar and SK Kaul allowed a request for review by the victim’s family regarding Sidhu’s sentencing. Although the High Court in May 2018 found Seydoux guilty of the crime of “voluntarily causing harm” to the 65-year-old man in the case, it secured him a prison sentence and fined him Rs 1,000.

“…We feel that there is an apparent error in the record…Therefore, we have permitted a request for review on the question of the sentence. “In addition to the fine, we consider it appropriate to impose a sentence of imprisonment of one year…”, the authority said while delivering the sentence.

In 1988, Sidhu was charged in a road rage case in which Gurnam Singh of Patiala died. According to the prosecution in the case, Sidhu and his assistant Rubinder Singh Sandhu were in a gypsy car parked in the middle of a road near the Sheranwala Gateway crossing in Patiala on December 27, 1988, when the victim and two others were on their way to the bank to withdraw money.

When they reached the crossing, Gurnam Singh, driving a Maruti, allegedly found a gypsy in the middle of the road and asked the occupants Sidhu and Sandhu to turn them away. This led to heated exchanges. According to the news, Sidu hit and hit Gurnam Singh on the head which later led to his death.

When journalists sought his reaction to the ruling, Seydoux said: “No comments.” The family of Gurnam Singh, who died in the accident, said they finally got justice after 34 years and thanked God Almighty.

“We are thankful and thankful to God. We are finally getting justice after 34 years,” said Journam Singh’s son, Narvidinder Singh. “We are satisfied with the ruling,” he said by phone.

When asked about her reaction to the ruling, Parveen Kaur, wife of Gurnam Singh’s son, said, “We thank Baba Ji (Almighty God). We have left it to Baba Ji. Everything Baba Ji has done is right.”

In response to a question, Parveen Kaur said: “We are satisfied with the verdict.” The family resides in the village of Galore, five kilometers from the city of Patiala. Sabi Singh, Gurnam Singh’s grandson, also thanked God.

Seydoux, who took part in the symbolic protest against rising commodity prices earlier in the day, said rising inflation has hit the budgets of the poor, farmers, workers and middle-class families.

protest against inflation. Inflation reduces the value of money for farmers, workers, and middle-class families, while profits remain the same. The cost of food, housing, transportation and health care rose by more than 50%, reducing the value of the wages from 250 (Rs.) to less than 150 (Rs.) Which crore (of) people into poverty,” Seydoux said in another tweet.

In the wake of the party’s defeat in the five states that went to the polls earlier this year, Congress President Sonia Gandhi has asked party chiefs there to resign. The Congress appointed Amrinder Singh Raja Warang to replace Sidhu after his defeat in the Punjab Assembly elections.

Harish Chaudhry, who is in charge of Punjab affairs, had recently written to party chairwoman Sonia Gandhi, requesting disciplinary action against Sidhu for trying to “portray himself above the party”. In the letter dated April 23, Chaudhry also sent a detailed note from Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Chairman Amrinder Singh Raja Warining regarding “Sidhu’s current activities”.

In his memo, Waring highlighted Seydoux’s parallel activities and his recent meetings with expelled leaders, including former MLA Surjit Singh Diman. Sidhu, a former BJP MP, turned to Congress ahead of the 2017 General Assembly elections. He was the man instrumental in the exit of Amarinder Singh as Prime Minister last year.

In 2004, Sidhu began his political tours by running in the Lok Sabha elections on the BJP ticket from Amritsar, moving his base from Patiala, and in his first elections, defeating the heavyweight Congress RL Bhatia. When Sidhu was a BJP member, Sidhu had lukewarm relations with the Padal family despite being an ally of the BJP. Later on, his relations with the BJP also turned cold when the party sent prominent leader Arun Jaitley from Amritsar in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Although he was quartered in the Rajya Sabha later, Sidhu resigned from the party to join the Congress.

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