Naseeruddin Shah birthday: All his shocking truth bombs, controversial comments

Naseeruddin Shah turned 72 on Wednesday and continues to be one of the most talented actors in the Hindi film industry. Much like his famous works which include three releases this year (Kaun Banegi Shikharavati, Modern Love, Gehraiyaan), the actor remains in the news for sharing his thoughts in a very unfiltered style. From criticizing cricketer Virat Kohli’s on-field behavior and commenting on issues plaguing the country to questioning Dilip Kumar’s contribution to cinema, Naseeruddin has never shied away from voicing his thoughts publicly. Here are some instances where Naseeruddin spoke his heart without any fear:

Anupam Kher called him a sycophant

In 2020, Naseeruddin called Anupam Kher a ‘clown’ for being ‘too vocal’ to express his support for the ruling government. He told The Wire, “Someone like Anupam Kher is very vocal. I don’t think he needs to be taken seriously. He’s a clown. Any of his contemporaries from NFD and FTII can attest to his sycophantic nature. It’s in him. Blood, he can’t help it. Anupam, on the other hand, Called ‘desperate’ and told no one would take him seriously. Also Read: Naseeruddin Shah says he suffers from onomatomania, explains what it means

Apart from acting, Dilip Kumar has not achieved much

Naseeruddin claims to be a big fan of Dilip Kumar but feels that the late actor did not do enough for cinema. In an article published in the Indian Express after Dilip Kumar’s death last year, Naseeruddin wrote, “Some such works will no doubt stand the test of time but, given the position he was in, it is clear that he did not do enough. Apart from his involvement in acting and social work close to his heart, he was a single Produced a film, directed none (officially at least), never passed on the benefits of his experience, never bothered to groom anyone, and, isolated from his pre-1970 performances, left no significant lessons for future actors; even his autobiography is a rehash of old interviews.”

‘Rajesh Khanna is a very limited actor’

Naseeruddin had previously blamed Rajesh Khanna for bringing mediocrity to Hindi films but faced backlash, later saying that even though he refused to take back his words, he should realize that many people love him. He told Hindustan Times in a 2016 interview, “It was the 70s when mediocrity came in Hindi films. Then an actor named Rajesh Khanna entered the industry. For all his success, I think Mr. Khanna is a very limited actor. In fact, he is the poorest actor, intellectually, he is the worst actor I have ever met. Wasn’t a very careful person, his taste ruled the quality of the screenplay, the quality of acting, music and lyrics deteriorated. Color came in. You could make the heroine wear a purple dress and the hero a red shirt, go to Kashmir and make a movie, you didn’t need a story.”

Virat Kohli is the worst behaved player in the world

Virat Kohli’s verbal sparring with the opposing team often makes headlines but Naseeruddin called it ‘bad behaviour’. He wrote in a Facebook post in 2018, “Virat K is not only the best batsman in the world but also the worst behaved player in the world. His cricketing talent fades along with his arrogance and bad manners. And I have no intention of leaving the country. “

Indian Muslims were asked to adopt reform, modernity instead of barbaric values

In June this year, Naseeruddin condemned those who celebrated the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and asked whether Indian Muslims wanted ‘reform and modernity or ‘barbaric’ values. He said in a viral video, “Barbaric practices among some sections of Indian Muslims are no less dangerous. Every Indian Muslim should ask himself whether he wants reform and modernity in Islam or the barbaric values ​​of the last few centuries. Indian Islam has always been different from the rest of the world, God forbid that the times change so much that we don’t recognize it.” .

The so-called big movie producers are making promotional movies

In September last year, Naseeruddin alleged that the government was encouraging filmmakers to make pro-government films. He told NDTV, “They are also offering financial support, frankly even promising a clean chit if they do promotional films.” “This was also attempted in Nazi Germany. The best, world-class filmmakers were assembled and asked to make films that promoted the Nazi ideology. The kind of big-budget films that come. Big can’t hide the jingoistic. Agenda.”

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