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Since arriving at the Red Planet in 2018, NASA’s Insight Mars Lander has returned valuable information about our mysterious neighboring planet. From time to time, the space agency has shared about this lander on their social media profiles. Recently, they shared another post that shows the “ultimate selfie” of Insight Mars Lander.

NASA also posted a descriptive title along with Sher. “Dust in the air. Swipe to see what 1,211 Martian Days or Souls are exposed to Martian elements, ”she wrote as the post’s opening lines and shared two pictures. One image shows when the lander began its journey and the other shows its current state.

“Our Insight Mars Lander took its final selfie on April 24, 2022. Closed in a dust layer, the second image shows the lander after operating at a limited capacity that the previous year’s energy levels could not produce,” he adds. In the next few lines, the space agency has talked about the lander’s journey.

“Insight Mars Lander arrived on Mars on November 26, 2018, powered by solar panels and equipped with instruments designed to measure the interior of Mars. Lander has recorded valuable weather data and studies of the Martian ancient magnetic field, along with seismic analysis that has enabled scientists to measure the depth and composition of the Martian crust, mantle and core, ”he shares.

“In its first Mars year (two Earth years), Insight has been working on an extended mission phase since it met its mission goals. Insight is expected to continue with limited operation until December, when Insight sends out its final code, ”he explained.

Take a look at the post:

After sharing nearly 12 hours ago, the post has received more than 2.7 lakh likes. The post has been re-shared on other social media platforms. People couldn’t stop sharing different comments while commenting on the post. Some asked questions and got answers from the space agency.

“What causes a strong dust storm on Mars?” Shared Instagram users. NASA replied, “When sunlight hits Mars, it warms the air closer to the surface and cools the upper air.” Like a hurricane on Earth, warm and cold air unstable together, warm air rises and takes dust with it. The rising feathers of warm air create everything from tiny dust ghosts to large continent-sized storms, as they form in the deserts of the earth.

“Wow, this looks strange but amazing,” another posted. “Wow,” another commented. “Who takes these photos because the rover is already on the ground,” the fourth asked. “The images are actually selfies taken from Insight using a camera mounted on the edge of the lander robotic arm,” NASA replied.

“Send wisdom so he can blow up all this dust !!” One person has proposed to launch a small robotic helicopter operating on Mars alongside the Perseverance Rover. NASA shared the answer and explained why it is not possible. “Sadly, it is very dangerous and even then the Mars Ingenuity helicopter is approximately 2,145 miles (3,452 km) away,” he wrote.

One person asked about the black patches found in the pictures. “How did the film darken the bits?” He asked. By that, NASA wrote, “Selfie” is actually some images, taken with its robotic arm, stitched together. “Blackout bits” are just areas of the picture, when they all merged into one image. ”

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