Nagpur businessman dies after setting fire to family inside car

A debt-ridden 58-year-old businessman committed suicide in Nagpur after setting himself and his family on fire in his car on Tuesday afternoon. Police said that while the man identified as Ramrao Bhatt succumbed to his injuries, his wife Sangeeta, 57, and son Nandan, 25, survived.

According to police, the incident occurred around 1pm on Tuesday after Bhatt allegedly offered to take his family to lunch. “They left the house around 12:30pm. We learned that Bhatt suddenly stopped the car on the road near Khabri Punarvasan, locked the car doors using the central locking system, allegedly poured gasoline on it and set everyone on fire.”

Bhatt resided in Gaitala district of Nagpur and was a welder. Police said they found a suicide note in the car which revealed that Bhatt was facing a financial crisis.

After local residents reported it to the police, firefighters arrived at the scene and put out the flames. While the three were taken to the hospital, doctors pronounced Bhatt dead. His wife and son are still recovering.

“We suspect that Bhatt assumed that money lenders would worry his family if he committed suicide alone, which he decided to kill his family over,” said one of the officers.

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