Nadda sets tone for meet: BJP for people, Oppn for select families

Set the tone of a file National Executive BJPwhich is supposed to be completed 2024 Election Strategies Lok SabhaOn Saturday, party chairman JP Nada said that while the party empowers the poor and believes in constructive politics, opposition parties only empower select families and engage in “destructive politics.”

The sources said that the party’s anti-family campaign was put forward by Nada in his speech at the opening session of the National Executive Authority.

Briefing the media on the opening remarks to his counterpart, Union Minister Smriti Irani said: “In his address which gave guidance to the discussions in the national executive, the national president, while speaking about the constructive policy led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reflected on the devastation that the opposition parties hoped to wreck with the people of the country. That the opposition is mostly family-oriented, and that the opposition that stems from many corrupt practices has repeatedly tried to ensure that the policies and programs of the Government of India dedicated to building a resilient India will be met with destruction and turmoil.”

Irani said Nada also praised the prime minister for his government’s “pro-poor” initiatives, pointing to schemes such as Jan-Dhan Yojana for economic empowerment, Awas Yojana for housing, and toilet-building schemes that have helped women. Irani said the prime minister and government had pledged to ensure that the schemes reach the last person in society.

The union minister also described the opposition’s claim that recent events were due to the “political atmosphere created by the BJP” and Prime Minister Modi – the killing of a tailor in Rajasthan for supporting statements against the Messenger as one of these incidents – as reflecting the opposition’s “destructive policies”. Asked about the opposition’s criticism, she said, “The BJP is operating regardless of propaganda that is based only on misinformation, with the intent of causing turmoil. Regardless of these deceptions of the opposition, the people of India have voted forcefully to restore Narendra Modi as prime minister, which is proof of The people of this country believe in him and under his leadership aspire to build India as a strong country.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with BJP National Chairman JP Nada and Union Minister Piyush Goyal during the BJP National Executive Meeting, in Hyderabad. (PTI image)

Irani said that Nada in his speech referred to the “politics of violence and political killing” in West Bengal and Kerala, and pledged the BJP’s support for his workers in those two states.

An Iranian also attacked Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, with whom the TRS and the BJP have fought a fierce battle, since the BJP made clear its expansionist plans for the state. Rao, trying to create a national image for himself, did his best to ignore Modi. And he did not come last Saturday to the airport to receive the Prime Minister, while he did not come as a courtesy to Joint opposition presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha.

Irani referred to this and added: “The prime minister made a clear appeal to a federal cooperative, and in the past eight years, he met all leaders and respectfully cared for them, as approved by Mariada. The KCR’s disruption of a constitutional federal protocol reflects on him.”

“The seriousness it deserves,” said Irani, criticizing the TRS leadership for referring to the BJP’s national executive meeting as a “circus.” But for us, it is a means of social liberation and nation building.”

One of the reasons why the BJP chose Hyderabad for its national executive was to give a boost to its Telangana plans, and the BJP pulled out all the stops to ensure a grand show.

In the discussions on Saturday, the BJP also made the decision to intensify its awareness programs on welfare schemes launched by the party governments, launching the ‘teranga movement’ and yatras to give impetus to its nationalism.

A decision was made at the meeting of BJP officials to explore more ways to reach the “30 Crore Lapartis (beneficiaries)” of the government schemes. The party has already reaped the benefits of this loyal base in elections, including in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Modi, who arrived at the executive branch on Saturday, will make closing remarks on Sunday and address a public gathering afterwards. (PTI)

addressing the media, Vasundhara Raj, BJP official They said they would talk to voters “plan by outline” and “district by district”. The former chief minister of Rajasthan said the idea was “to see what difficulties and improvements we can work on” and to determine the level at which the schemes can be implemented.

Raji said nationalism would be another major focus, with plans for the Teranga Yatra campaign and the “Ghar-Ghar Teranga campaign”. She said the plan is to reach 20 crore people before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Apart from that, the party will strengthen its organization up to the polling booth level. “Each booth will house at least 200 active party workers and WhatsApp groups will be activated.” A review of the panna pramukhs, who is responsible for both the voter list page, and the first point of contact in the party’s election machinery, will be conducted every 15 days.

Modi, who arrived at the executive branch on Saturday, will make closing remarks on Sunday and address a public gathering afterwards.

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