N. Korea sees 219 K new ‘fever’ cases, US offers help: 10 global Covid updates | World News

North Korea reports 219,030 new cases of “flu-like symptoms” for the fifth consecutive day as the country battles its first confirmed coronavirus outbreak in two years, news agency Reuters quoted South Korea’s Yonhap network. The country first confirmed Covid The outbreak following a massive military parade in Pyongyang in April, according to reports, has been quoted by lawmakers from South Korea’s intelligence agency. Elsewhere in the world, Japan and Thailand are set to reduce the epidemic-induced restrictions on the entry of foreigners and nightclubs, respectively. The United Kingdom, meanwhile, has lowered the ‘covidi- alarm level’ as it appears that the Omicron-induced wave is now reduced.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest global Covid updates:

1. North Korea reported 2,19,030 more people with flu symptoms, and the country is fighting its first confirmed coronavirus outbreak, with one additional death on Saturday.

2. North Korea appears to be facing a “pretty serious situation” with Kovid, United States officials said on Saturday. Reuters cited senior officials of the Biden administration, saying: “The US is ready to take steps to help North Korea’s problems, including Kovid.”

3. North Korea is reported to be increasing production of drugs and medical supplies, including pesticides and thermometers, to fight the unprecedented coronavirus wave. KCNA news agency reported that the nationwide lockdown has increased the production of traditional Korean medicines used to reduce fever and pain.

4. On Friday, the government said it was achieving “good results” in the fight against Kovid, even though the number of people with flu symptoms crossed 2 million.

5. In China, Shanghai’s financial center reported fresh covid cases outside the Quarantine areas on Thursday – five days after ‘zero covid cases’ – triggering stricter sanctions and mass testing in one district, according to a Reuters report. Officials plan to end a long city-wide lockdown on June 1. China records its symptomatic and asymptomatic cases separately.

6. Meanwhile, Britain on Friday lowered its Kovid-19 warning level from four to three, saying that the virus’s omicron-variant wave is decreasing and that health care pressure is decreasing in all countries. The alarm level was raised on December 12 when Omicron was spreading fast.

7. US top medical agency (Disease Control and Prevention or CDC) on Thursday recommended the Covid Vaccine Booster for children aged 5 to 11 years after an advisory panel voted to support them at least five months after completing their primary vaccination course.

8. “With 18 million doses in this age group, we know these vaccines are safe and we must continue to increase the number of children we are protected from,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky quoted from Reuters.

9. Top government spokespersons say Japan will double its foreign arrivals limit by 20,000 per day from the Kovid cases next month. The city’s plans to end a lengthy city-wide lockdown on June 1 appeared on track. According to the Japan Times, the country reported 37,438 new Kovid-19 cases on Friday, down from about 2,200 a week earlier.

10. Thailand nightclubs and karaoke bars are set to resume regular time in June, a senior official said on Friday, adding that most of the remaining epidemics have been dropped as daily infections decrease. Thailand’s nightlife is a major attraction for tourists, but since the outbreak of the epidemic, most entertainment venues have been forced to turn restaurants into restaurants to stay in business, Reuters reported.

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