Munawar Faruqui Celebrates Lock Upp Win with A Party, Enters Holding Girlfriend Nazila’s Hand; Watch

Comedian Munwar Farooqi has received love and support during his journey at Lock Upp. In fact, his game was so good that he impressed host Kangana Ranaut along with the audience, and emerged as the winner of the first season of the reality show. Now, to celebrate the win, he has organized an invitation.

Munawar chose to wear the kurta for this occasion. He entered holding the hand of his girlfriend, inmate Seichi. Nadila looked beautiful in a black salwar suit. Subtract the couple also for points. Bollywood paparazzo Viral Bhayani shared the video on his Instagram account. Check the video here:

Many of his fans sent love to the couple, whom they lovingly called #Manaz. But Munwar’s close friend Anjali Arora mistook Dawat. Speaking to ETimes, she revealed that she will be holding back-to-back meetings, which is why she was unable to attend the party.

Recently, Munwar, Nazila and Anjali Arora posed together in the screening of Kangana Ranaut star Dakkad. The trio smiled widely as they advanced for points. But, in a recent interview, when Nazella was asked how she felt about Munawar and Anjali’s relationship within Lock Upp, she dodged the question and said she wasn’t comfortable answering it.

Anjali Arora also revealed her boyfriend Akash’s reaction to her relationship and her closeness to Munwar. Anjali said, “It is normal, to feel jealous of human nature. When you love someone or love someone, and if that person begins to associate with another person, you feel possessive. As inside also in Lock Upp Munawar, you have been friends So intimate that we will have problems if one of us starts giving importance or time to someone else. Akash and Zella are people who belong in our lives. It’s clear for them to feel possessive. Something in a mature way and he handled everything very well.”

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