Mumbai: Two arrested for kidnap, murder of 13-year-old boy

On Tuesday, Kashmir police arrested two men in their twenties on charges of kidnapping and killing a 13-year-old boy and attempting to extort 25 rupees from the boy’s mother.

The deceased Mayank Thakur lived with his older brother, his mother and her family in Kashmira on Mera Road and was acquainted with the accused Imran Sheikh and Afzal Ansari.

Mayank’s mother Hina Singh told police that she works as a singer in a bar and left for work around 7pm on July 31. In the early hours of Monday, August 1, when Mayanke did not return home, the family informed her and FIR was registered.

On Monday afternoon, the family received a call from Mayank’s mobile phone with a ransom demand of Rs 25 lakh. One defendant was traced to a garage on Mira Road. He told the police that they took the boy on a bicycle. “Then they panicked and threw him off the Wasmaria bridge in Vasai (east). They also stabbed him in the stomach,” said a senior police officer.

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