Mumbai Police uses video of men fighting over bus seat to talk about road safety | Trending

A video posted on Instagram by the Mumbai Police shows two men fighting over a bus seat.

Mumbai Police often shares awareness photos and videos on their social media handles. For example, his recent post where he posted a viral video with an interesting caption to push a message about road safety. The hilarious video shows two men fighting over a bus seat.

“There is ‘no room’ for a third person on a two-wheeler!,” Mumbai Police wrote on Instagram while sharing the video. The video shows two men arguing on a bus seat. In the video, one says “Bahut jagah hai [there is a lot of space]”, while another counters him with “ Nahi jagah hai”. [there’s no space].”

Watch the video below:

The video, posted two years ago, has received more than one lakh views. It has collected more than 17,500 likes. The post encouraged people to share their thoughts in the comments section.

“Perfect,” one man commented. “Mumbai police always rock,” shared an Instagram user with several emoticons. “Jack and Rose on the Titanic,” joked a third. Many even used smiley emoticons to express their views.

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