Mumbai Police seeks bail cancellation of Rana couple over ‘violation of condition’

Mumbai Police on Monday presented in court that the lawmakers of the couple MP Navneet Rana and MLA Ravi Rana have breached bail terms and should be taken into custody again. The Ranas were arrested in April after announcing that they would guide the Hanuman Chalisa at Prime Minister Udav Thackeray’s private residence.

They were released on bail on May 4, but within days the police moved in, claiming that they had violated the terms of their bail.

Special Prosecutor Pradeep Gharat said the court had ordered them not to address the press on any of the topics related to the case, which the couple claimed had been infringed by the couple.

“It is the duty of the prosecution to inform the court of the breach of conditions. In such a scenario, the bail holders are automatically rescinded. They should be detained,” Gharat said, reading from their interviews alleging that they showed breaches of bail conditions by the spouses.

Gharat said they would have had the opportunity to speak at the trial stage but instead chose to make statements in violation of the court order.

Special Judge RN Rokade asked the couple that if the terms were not followed, what was the point of putting them. He also referred to the bail order where the court noted that the couple had used certain expressions and judgments against the Prime Minister which were “extremely objectionable”. The order also referred to the responsibility of public figures and the influence of their discourse. The court said that the bail requirement for the spouses is linked to it.

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Lawyer Ridwan Merchant said the couple gave interviews and spoke “in a flux,” unintentionally. He also said the statements had nothing to do with the case. “The issue is about their announcement that they will guide the Hanuman Chalisa at the Cabinet House. They did not say anything about it.

He added that he would tell his clients not to make comments about a particular person. He also said it was up to the court to impose a fine or penalty or take the harsh step of canceling the bail. The court directed both parties to clarify procedures for canceling bail claims. She will continue to hear arguments on July 20.

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