Mumbai: 1 worker dies, 9 injured after slab collapses at garment factory

One person died and nine others were injured after part of a slab collapsed from a one-story garment factory in Kimpur on Thursday afternoon. Of the nine who were infected, two have been discharged while seven are still in hospital and their condition is said to be stable.

According to the officials, the accident occurred at 2:45 pm in the garment factory near Chambor camp. The slab of the first floor of the building collapsed on the workers below it. Ten people who were injured were taken to nearby Inlak Hospital. Among them, Murari Jha, 22, died of his injuries.

An official said the compound where the unit is located includes several other smaller units. “Some people survived with minor injuries after they stuck to parts of the roof after the shingle collapsed,” the official said.

A senior officer said the local police took the accidental death report in the matter.
“If we find that there has been any negligence on the part of the unit owners or any other person, necessary measures will be taken,” the official added.

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