MPCC to hold 2-day state-level camp from June 1

After holding its last three-day Congress, Chintan Shavir in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the party’s government unit is planning a two-day statewide camp starting on June 1. In the presence of the Secretary in charge of the state, Hong Kong Patel, the Election Officer of Pradesh and former Union Minister Palam Raju, and under the chairmanship of Head of State Unity Nana Patul. Among the attendees were Legislative Party Leader and Revenue Minister Balachhab Tharoat, Public Works Minister Ashok Chavan, former Prime Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, Prithviraj Chavan, Minister of Women and Child Welfare Yashumati Thakur, Minister of Fisheries Conservation Aslam Sheikh, Tribal Development Minister KC Padvi, Minister tribal development. State Dr. Vishwajit Kadam, and former Head of State Manikrao Thackeray.

Patel said the statewide camp will be followed by district level camps from June 9-14.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Patel said: “The camp will be attended by ministers of state, all district chiefs and senior officials. All issues were discussed in Navsankalp camp. [Chintan Shivir] in Udaipur to party workers in the camp.”

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State unit chief Nana Patul said that while implementing Navsankalp Scheffer’s statement, Congress will reveal the modus operandi of the Modi government. He said the party workers should work to inform the masses how the BJP had failed on the fronts of high inflation, unemployment and the woes of farmers.

Revenue Minister Blasaheb Thawrat said that the constitution is under attack and that Congressional ideology is being systematically destroyed. “Those who believe in the ideology of Congress must be prepared to repel these attacks,” he said.

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