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A total of 325 people have been arrested in the aftermath of Friday’s protests in Uttar Pradesh

Nine more people have been arrested as of Sunday night in a simultaneous raid to arrest those accused of violence and arson during statewide protests last Friday. As of now, a total of 325 people have been arrested in the last two days. Read More

Char Dham: The ecology of the Himalayas is facing the escalating pressure of pilgrims following the epidemic

For two years, as the epidemic escalated, the mountains became calm, the silence largely unbroken. As death and disease spread throughout India, faith was shaken, but its bastion in the Himalayas remained at peace. Read More

Imran Khan dares to win Shehbaz Sharif in next Pakistani election: Report

Geo News reports that former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has challenged the current coalition government to win the next general election in the country. Read More

Kiran Rijiju takes Buddha’s sacred remains to Mongolia in ‘Message of Peace’ Video

Union Minister Kiran Rijiju has traveled to Mongolia for an 11-day exhibition of the four sacred relics of Lord Buddha from India. The remains will be displayed as part of the celebration of the Mongolian Buddha Purnima on Tuesday, a move that “gives the world a message of peace,” the government said. Read More

‘I don’t understand. See how many matches he played for India ‘

Rishabh Pant’s captaincy came under scrutiny after Team India suffered their second consecutive defeat in a five-match series against South Africa. Read More

Men’s Health Week: Proven Ways to Increase Male Fertility and Increase Sperm Number

Celebrated annually as a week ending in Father’s Day as recognized in the USA, Men’s Health Week is recognized this year from June 13-19 and honors the importance of health and wellness for boys and men. Read More

No boy says hot to her when Disha Patani says: ‘Nobody flirts with me’

Actress Disha Patani once said, ‘Which boy’ told me that he was hot and nobody flirted with her. In an old interview, Disha told me that she was raised as a tomboy and called herself an introvert. Read More

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