‘More about confidence now,’ says Jaishankar on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘arrogant’ barb | Latest News India

NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar took to Twitter Saturday to question Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s assertion that Indian diplomats are arrogant, saying instead that they are confident and protecting national interests.

At the “Ideas for India” conference in London on Friday, Gandhi said that European bureaucrats had told him, “The Indian Foreign Service has completely changed. They don’t listen. They are arrogant.” He said European bureaucrats had told him that Indian diplomats were “telling us … what they were getting orders” and that there was “no dialogue” between the two sides.

Jaishankar tweeted that the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) has changed but that it is more about confidence and “arguing of others”.

“Yes, the Indian Foreign Service has changed. Yes, they obey the government’s orders. Yes, they contradict the arguments of others. No, it is not called arrogance. It is called Confidence. And it’s called protecting the national interest, ”said Jaishankar, a former IFS official who served as foreign secretary in 2015-18.

While attending a conference in London, Gandhi described democracy in India as a “global public concern”. He said the conference had “a rich exchange on a wide range of topics.”

“We are the only people who have exercised our unimaginable amount of democracy,” he added in a tweet.

Speaking at the conference, Gandhi had said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was continuing in power due to the “total polarization and media domination”. He claimed that India was attacking the institutions that built the country.

We are not just fighting the BJP. This is no longer pure political struggle. Gandhi said the BJP has 100% control over the media. “Congress is fighting to get India back. This is now an ideological war – a national ideological war.

Several opposition leaders, including CPI-M’s Sitaram Yechury, Tejaswi Yadav of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (BJP) and Mahua Moitra of the Trinamool Congress, participated in the conference.

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